October 21, 2006

Still like that tax cut?

Hat tip to Nathan for this story about military families in food lines:
"These families are among a growing number of military households in San Diego County that regularly rely on donated food."
But at least the President keeps your taxes low. That is something, right?


dave said...

Yeah and our children and their children will be picking up the tab for our (actually, it's not our but the large corporations and otherwise nauseatingly wealthy who get Right-wing tax cuts). But its on our backs and on the backs of our children and on the backs of the poor and now it appears its an additional burden on the backs of our soldiers.

ubub said...

Somehow "Support Our Troops By Donating to Your Local Food Pantry" does not seem to fit as well on those magnetic ribbons.

Of course, that's also my guess as to why we don't see more "Support Our Troops By Ensuring They Have the Equipment They Need to Fight This Dubious War" magnetic ribbons.

I guess it's just easier to leave support vague and abstract just as it is to fight a vaguely defined abstraction ('terror').

My current favorite magnetic ribbon: 'Just Pretend Everything Is OK.'

Wasp Jerky said...

I forget the exact stat, and I'm too lazy to go look it up, but something like 20 percent of homeless men in the U.S. are vets. Ribbons are indeed just so much easier.