October 12, 2006

Tempting Faith indeed

Melissa Rogers has this blurb about Kuo's book:
"What he saw made him realize that his Christian values -- and those of millions of Americans -- were in danger of being corrupted by politics. Religious organizations were being manipulated cynically, for political purposes, and rewarded through financial shenanigans. Certain religious leaders were so hooked on politics that they were routinely canvassed by the White House to vet judicial appointments and horse-trade on policy positions, regardless of moral content. Tempting Faith is both a headline-making expose and a heartfelt plea for religious leaders to take a hiatus from politics."

She also notes (as Mary told me this morning) that Kuo will be on 60 minutes this Sunday and on Morning Edition next Tuesday. This is a potentially explosive book, but like I said earlier, we have known about this since Dilulio quit the Faith Based office. Will evangelicals listen to this critic?

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