October 22, 2006

Sunday reflections

As we head toward this midterm election, I hate how divided we are. But I also cannot believe that with everything this administration has done from signing statements to torture and habeas corpus--the election is anything but a done deal. The American people seem to have an unbelievable tolerance for incompetence--as long as most of the people effected aren't them. That discussion came up in our comments a few weeks ago--when I was asked if Bush's policies have effected me personally. I don't think that is really the proper question.

Speaking of that, the situation in Iraq continues to discourage me. According to the reports I am hearing and reading, the Iraqi government is so weak that local people are turning to militias for protection. And not to say "we told you so" but many people warned that sectarian violence was a real risk. But our President expressed as late as 2003 an ignorance of the differences between Sunni and Shiite Muslims, and Paul Wolfowitz once said that Iraq would be easier than Kosovo because it lacked any religious factionalism. Sigh.


That Chevy ad is still galling. Amazing that a corporation can use Rosa Parks and 9-11 to sell pickups. Everything still for sale. One good thing is that some younger people agreed with me that it was appalling. That made me feel a little better.


I bought David Kuo's book on Friday and am working my way through it. He relates exactly what I had feared, that "Christian" in his circles became synonamous with Republican. "I learned that Christians were absolutely pro-capitalism and that meant taxes were bad and always needed to be cut."

He also quotes from the Screwtape letters a great little line where the demon uncle has advice on how to derail a Christian: "Let him begin by treating patriotism...as a part of his religion." Zounds.

Also interesting how deeply critical his compassionate christian colleagues were of any Christians who made nice with Clinton. Not only did they, of course, think that Clinton might be evil, but they feared that Christians could easily be coopted by power. When Republicans took over in 94, they swore that would not happen to them.


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