October 8, 2006


My post on why I think people have to vote democratic this election if they want accountability drew some comments, and I hope it continues. I especially hope Les will come back and elaborate on his explanation of our electoral process and philosophy of government.

I made it clear that I don't expect people to switch parties, simply vote for accountability this round. Next election, they are free to go back--though they are expected to demand that the Repubs do better than Tom Delay and George Bush.

But here is where things will get difficult. My prediction is that people will actually hold some future Democratic leadership accountable at a level that would have stopped GWB from doing much of anything. They will pounce on every percieved and real sin. The media will be rigorous in their investigation of Pelosi and Reid, and call them on every stupid thing they say or do.

As a result, religious conservatives will believe that Democrats are slimier than Tom Delay only because they and others dared to hold them accountable.

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