October 4, 2006

Wednesday morning

Tired and still much to do this week (I am aware it is Wednesday). I am still on modified lock-down on my blog reading, but still catching selective blogs that cover the news better than others. The Foley scandal is very interesting. Peruse Crooks and Liars and you will see some interesting stuff. Bill O'Reilly's lie factory listed Foley as a Democrat in the image--and repeated it. What an idiot. And what a liar. I really can't believe anyone listens to this man for anything.

Elsewhere we see Representative Tom Reynolds holding a press conference surrounded by small children. The reporters ask if the kids can leave the room so they can talk about the scandal. Reynolds says that he is willing to answer questions, but he won't ask his "supporters" to go anywhere. Kind of reminds me of the asshat Jehovah's Witness or whatever who sent his young children up to my door while he hung out on the curb. He knew I would be much less likely to tell the kids to stop bothering me and that I would listen to their tripe. I did. But he is still and asshat. Same with Reynolds.

Finally, (at least for this post) a great catch from Crooks and Liars on another Woodward observation.
Crooks and Liars: "WOODWARD: This is May 1st, 2003, the very famous speech the president gave on the aircraft carrier, the Kennedy. You know there was that sign, Mission Accomplished. And I asked Rumsfeld about it and said he was -- Rumsfeld was in Baghdad and they sent him an advanced copy of the speech. And he said, I almost died because mission accomplished was in the speech. And he said, I got it out of the speech but I didn't get the sign down. Now they've always put out the story that it was the Navy that put up the sign. And there's the secretary of defense saying it was in the speech."
It amazes me how much latitude this president gets. He lies and lies and lies, and people who used to complain about "Slick Willie" say nothing. Of course they had planned to say "Mission Accomplished" and of course they planned the banner. They planned everything down to the time of day and the optimum light.

Yet, when I call my Republican friends on this, they just shrug and say, "politics." It is an amazing little coccoon they live in. When Republicans quote the Bible and bash Democrats for being godless or soft on terrorism, they say nothing. When Republicans are caught lying to the public (meaning they had a press conference), in a corruption scandal with Jack Abramoff, or some other malfeasance, my friends just say, "that is politics. Everyone does it."

Then Dobson says that it is a sin to not vote for a good Christian, and I throw up just a little in my mouth.

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