October 6, 2006

Politics and money

Had a funny moment yesterday. My friend Mary told me about the local candidate running against our Representative Cole. Cole, as far as I can tell, has been a proxy vote for Bush--whatever the Prez wants, Cole will give him. Torture, wiretapping, etc. Hal Spake is the candidate.

Pretty much exhausted, I went to the grocery yesterday to plan for dinner. While listening to a report on NPR in the parking lot, I noticed a blue pickup with a Democratic bumper sticker and a "Hal Spake for Congress" bumper sticker. As my story ended, and I headed into the store, I saw the truck's owner. I said, "like your bumper stickers" and he said, "thanks, I am Hal Spake and I am running for Congress."

We had a nice talk, and he gave me some yard signs.

Our political situation is not good.
  • Bush routinely ignores laws he signs;
  • the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are going horribly--not that Bush will admit that.
  • Bush's war on terror is creating more terrorists than we can fight.
  • Bush and his Republican cronies think that Habeus Corpus is a luxury we can't afford any longer. Why would they care? They are not the ones facing imprisonment as enemy combatants.
  • Bush now accuses Democrats of cowardice and cutting and running. How this man looks himself in the mirror is beyond me.

    One of the people Bush charges as a "cut and run" democrat can't run because she lost both her legs fighting in Iraq. We can do something about this. Go give Tammy Duckworth or Hal Spake some financial assistance. That is what I am doing today. I am trying to put some money where my mouth is.
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