October 9, 2006

Monday morning

Item one. James Dobson's political machine released a statement condemning the responce to the Foley matter. Dobson is outraged, OUTRAGED that liberals connect this scandal to evangelical Christians. He says that this is a sex scandal by a closet homosexual (hint, it is just about the gays) and refuses to connect it to the Republican leadership that he has been in bed with (hah) for the last 10 years. He repeats Drudge's lie that the page scandal was only a prank by young boys and completely undermines his own credibility. Oops. What credibility?

Well, for millions of Americans, Dobson is the man. Unfortunately. Even though he staffed his political wing with a man (Tony Perkins) who did business with David Duke. Political business. Buying mailing lists from the Klan. Isn't that sweet?


I really get annoyed at how the Republican party waves the military banner in my face. They love to support the troops and use any dissent by liberals to suggest that a) we are unamerican, b) that we hate the troops, and c) that we are unamerican. Yet, while the Republicans insist on permanent tax cuts, they are dangerously underfunding the Army:
" The Iraq war has left the United States military in critical condition, stretched beyond its limits in manpower and equipment and in danger of "breaking," a retired U.S. Army general said here today.
"The United States Army is stumbling toward the edge of a cliff. It’s starting to unravel," said Gen. Barry McCaffrey, speaking at a homeland defense symposium.

"It has about $61 billion in equipment shortages. It has a $50 billion shortfall in the vital equipment and parts you need to run a war," said the former commander in chief of the U.S. Southern Command and former drug czar under President Bill Clinton."

But we need permanent tax cuts, Streak. Without them, how will the GOP continue to buy off the middle class voter? And we are still pro-military. Our military families are the backbone of our proud tradition. And that is why we will make them the only ones asked to sacrifice for this horrible war:
"WASHINGTON — Army officials have told base commanders to prepare for even deeper cuts in family support programs and other non-war-related expenses next fiscal year.

In June, the Army announced cuts in base discretionary spending and other non-war expenses to offset unexpected costs associated with military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Even after Congress approved supplemental military funding in response, service officials said they would continue to curb spending." [h/t Marty]
Next time you see a Republican with a "We support the troops" ribbon, ask them why the troops are underfunded and under supplied.

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Wasp Jerky said...

If only Foley hadn't watched SpongeBob.