December 14, 2006

As much as I dislike Bush, this guy is worse

Way worse Inside Washington: Cheney Burrows as Bush Ponders Iraq: "Cheney, an architect of current policy, is waiting for Bush to decide, perhaps early in the new year, what to do next before he speaks out. At that point, insiders say, he will go public to sell the president's decision around the country, especially in speeches to conservative audiences who still have a high regard for Cheney, even though his popularity with the public is very low. A former associate who worked closely with Cheney for years says there may be another reason.
'I think we'll see less of him than ever,' says the associate. 'Iraq is now Bush's baby, and Cheney doesn't want to be tarred with it in the eyes of historians.'"

And I wonder how he thinks historians will overlook him? Perhaps just forget his critical role in the war?

We aren't idiots.

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