December 12, 2006

Bush as a pretty good fundamentalist as well

As Kevin notes, Bush decided to meet with a group of retired military and academics who don't like the ISG. On one hand, getting more information is usually good. But with Bush it just looks suspiciously like him not wanting to consider other possible actions. For all of his talk about willingness to listen to advice, he has never shown it. Anyway, this was funny:
"Golly, what a shocker: Bush decided to meet with a bunch of guys who just happen to already agree with him. That should sure provoke some fresh thinking about Iraq, shouldn't it?

This is all part of Bush's weeklong 'search for new ideas,' which bears a striking resemblance to OJ's search for the real killer. I suspect they'll both end up with the same results."


volfan007 said...

now, now, now, streak, lets just wait to hear what happens. lets not be hasty.


Streak said...

Of course. Maybe he will do the right thing. Of course, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing time after time but expecting a different outcome.

Kind of like expecting Volfan to respond to facts.