December 31, 2006

The good

I didn't really want to talk about the good while discussing the other. But we went to that store to shop for a practice amplifier. See, Streak has decided to go electric and is now trying his skills on a Telecaster, which of course, requires amplification.

So far, so good. Still a lot to learn about the fretboard, but I do love this guitar.


ubub said...

Pretty sweet, my friend, especially given that both Buck Owens (pre-Hee Haw) and Joe Strummer played Telecasters. Meanwhile, I seem to be stuck somewhere between the intro chords to RHCP's By the Way and Smelly Cat. Or something.

Rock on wit yo bad sef.

Streak said...

I wonder what Ted Leo plays?

volfan007 said...


can you play any of lynyrd skynyrd's music?


Bootleg Blogger said...

Streak- I'm jealous! Sweet! The only problem I've found with an electric is that mistakes don't sound any better amplified:-). Distortion and overdrive, do, however, make great cathartic devices.
Check out this list of tele players (also, check out Bruce's tele on the cover of Born to Run).
List of Telecaster players - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia