December 19, 2006

Hey, let's blame Iraq

Not just Villsack, but looks like this is becoming a common theme in Washington. Let's blame Iraq for us blowing them up, removing their government and army, and now they struggle to avoid chaos.

Saw Jon Stewart take on Bill Kristol. My favorite part was when Kristol defended the war as taking it to them.


K: Yeah, we haven't been attacked since 9-11, so Bush deserves credit.

S: Well, under that logic, Clinton deserves even more credit since we weren't attacked after 93 under his watch.

K: Oh, but there was the attack in Africa and the Cole.

S: So we can add Madrid and London to the mix with Bush?

K: That's because we are in a global war.

Surprised Kristol didn't hurt himself switching courses that fast. He did admit that Cheney was wrong about Rumsfeld (and will undoubtedly get shot in the face) but says that is the only thing he is wrong about. Right. Oh, and Kristol thinks that the War is a disaster and it is our fault--oh, but Cheney has only been wrong about Rumsfeld



volfan007 said...

the iraqi's are to blame for what's going on. they are the ones shooting at each other, and at us. no one is making them do it.


Streak said...

Volfan, you are an idiot wrapped in a moron. Missed my point yet again. The chaos that is going on there is a result of our bungled invasion. If you think otherwise, then you need to march down to UT Martin and ask for your tuition money back.

volfan007 said...

are you honestly saying that we are the cause of thier unrest and shooting and killing? did our army hold a gun to the shiites heads and tell them to shoot sunni's? did our military tell death squads to bomb thier fellow iraqi's?


i always believe that people are responsible for thier own actions. nobody is making them shoot and kill each other. i do know somebody who agrees with you though. his name is curly off the three stooges.....he was fond of saying that he was a victim of circumstance....when he was trying to excuse bad conduct.


JoeG said...

Volf, are you serious?? We had nothing to do with the unrest going on in Iraq? If we hadn't gone in there in the first place, or at the very least gone in with a plan for stabilizing the country after destabilizing it by overthrowing the government, then the unrest would be nowhere near the level it is at right now. We destabilized the region. We created an environment for the unrest and civil war to take place. We screwed up. It is a direct result of our actions. The Iraqis share responsibility for this, they need to step up and help get their country in order. But we created the disorder, and we need to take responsibility for that as well.

Streak said...

This is an example of your simpleminded and superficial response. We created the situation. We lifted off the lid that held these factions in place. Of course, they are responsible at a personal level for all their own mistakes and choices. But we created the vacuum that has become the Iraqi disaster.

Do you really think this situation is good? Do you really think that Bush and Cheney did a good job in this invasion?

P.M. Prescott said...

Amazing how the neo-cons think everyone "but them" needs to be responsible for their own actions.

volfan007 said...

we believe that everyone is responsible for thier own actions.