December 14, 2006

Interesting given the Bush administration's stance on wealth

Americans see rich-poor gap worsening: "Americans overwhelmingly say the growing gap between rich and poor has become a serious national concern, a sentiment that may bolster Democrats' plans to narrow the income divide when they take control of Congress.
Nearly three-quarters of Americans believe inequality is a major issue, versus 24 percent who don't think so, according to a new Bloomberg/Los Angeles Times poll. Most of the concern is among Democrats and independent voters, though a majority of Republicans -- 55 percent -- also called the situation serious."

And then there is this:

The Washington Monthly: "By 59% to 21%, Americans say Congress rather than Mr. Bush should take the lead in setting policy for the nation.

....At the same time, items on the Democrats' opening agenda for Congress enjoy strong initial backing. More than seven in 10 Americans support raising the minimum wage — on which Mr. Bush has indicated flexibility — and forcing the federal government to negotiate lower Medicare drug prices with pharmaceuticals companies — which Mr. Bush opposes.

The president faces a steeper challenge resisting Democratic initiatives on other economic issues. On energy, 80% favor forcing auto makers to build more fuel-efficient vehicles even if that raises prices; 59% back eliminating tax cuts for oil companies."

Perhaps the country is not as conservative as the last couple of elections suggest. Several people have said that many, many people have been distracted by the gays aborting stem cells with burnin flags so that they miss the rest of what results with a GOP administration.


volfan007 said...

i am concerned with everything about our country. but, the things that christians see as very important....abortion being ok, gay agenda being promoted, stem cell research on aborted babies, etc... are what makes this great country of ours go down the proverbial toilet. a country that says that its ok to murder babies, and then use thier murdered bodies for research, will probably not have a great economy. greed and selfishness will reign as we dont value others as we say live in sexual sin, and then just get rid of the baby if one comes..after all, its not important. what's going on in your life is whats important. how you feel is whats important. what you want is whats important. dont worry about others. dont sacrifice to do whats right towards others. you get yours. you do your own thang. you take before its all taken. dog eat dog.

also, every country where homosexuality has increased has gone down the drain...they crashed morally from the inside. they became weak, morally, and they were easily conquerored. greece, rome, etc. also, sodom and gomorrah fell under God's judgement due to thier sinfulness, and what showed that that society had really gone too far was homosexuality. the canaanites is another example of a society that was so depraved that sex was a god and every sexual sin that you can imagine was going on in it. even the throne of a canaanite king was shaped like a penis. thats how obsessed they were with sex. sounds like america today, does it not?

so, streak, these issues are very important to christians because we see them as very important to the well being of our society.

also, the decline of the middle class does cause me to be very concerned for the well being of our country as well. as does the flight of our factories to central and south america and to asia. its troubling.

well, streak, one more thing, does the illness of the senator from n. dakota have you a little unnerved? it could change the whole balance of power in congress. those mean, nasty, uncompassionate, conspiracy-minded republicans could get in control again!


Streak said...

Again, you miss the point. What this suggests is that you get the bad economy by voting Republican--not becasue of my gay neighbors and not because people want to fight Parkinsons with embryonic stem cell research.

But hey, go ahead and vote Republican. You won't stop abortion, you aren't going to stop homosexuality, but you will get more torture, more outsourcing, more poverty, more environmental destruction. Yippee.

And btw, Volfan, very classless to talk about Senator Johnson that way. We still don't know his prognosis and that should be the concern.

Streak said...

Two more points for the volfman.

1) another reading of the Soddom story is that they were punished by god because they neglected teh poor. Lot was so concnerned about the gays that he offered his daughters to them. Nice guy.

2) before you become too comfortable on the Religious right high horse ("all we care about are the babies") you should recall that the political movement in the 70s of Religious Right people was not to protect the unborn, or to attack the gays (though they always hated the gays) but to, wait for it, protect the racists! That's right, they were angered that Bob Jones univeristy might lose its tax exempt status for racial descrimination.

Streak's Blog: Abortion Myth

volfan007 said...

sigh.......why did i think that you would not agree with me?