December 14, 2006


Crooks and Liars Ghouls

I noticed this too. Watching MSNBC this morning I heard a reporter talk about what would have to transpire for the Republican Governor of South Dakota to replace Tim Johnson. Her statement was something along the lines of "either he has to resign or he would have to pass away. Neither seems likely to happen anytime soon, it appears."

That doesn't quite capture the tone of it, because it was rather sad that we wouldn't see the transfer back of power. Unlike my last post, this is not about some conservative bias, but is just more proof of how shockingly bad our media is. This story displays their weakness. There is actual news here, but they can't cover it well because they don't care about actually presenting the news. They are more interested in drama and intrigue. The only thing that would have had the mainstream media more excited was a Democratic Senator falling ill while in his mistress's bed--or something equally sordid.

If only they had approached the WMD or Condi's "mushroom cloud" or just about anything Cheney said with equal enthusiasm. Hell, how about looking at healthcare or poverty or the right's unwillingness to deal with global warming. Or just about anything that really effects the American people.

Don't get me wrong. Sometimes liberals benefit. When the media discovered the Foley scandal, they certainly did the Democrats some good, but for all the wrong reasons. No similar coverage of torture, Jack Abramoff, or the myriad ways that this President has undermined the Constitution.

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