December 14, 2006


Just watching the Daily Show and wondering how many times I have felt the need to blog about our President's inability to speak. Good God! "I have been hearing from some opinions and ideas."

Jeesh. How did this man ever get elected to anything? He can't even speak.


Marty said...

How is it that some people continue to support him? Everyone I know who voted for him, still supports him 100%. Why is that?

Bootleg Blogger said...

Marty- I think there is a collective psychology of pride and embarassment. For some people that I know who were so supportive of Bush, to admit that they were so wrong would then start down the slippery slope of being party to this disaster and the deaths of thousands. Noone wants to say, "I was afraid so I gave a bunch of thugs the keys to the kingdom because they said they'd protect me." FWIW- BB

volfan007 said...

i am a little concerned with people who look to the daily show as a realistic news source.

this would be like watching saturday nite live's news to base whats happening in the world.



ps. if bush ran tomorrow, and his counterpart was hillary, or al, or osama obama, then i would vote for bush in a new york minute.