December 21, 2006

The Trouble with Trolls

Since ours visited, my comment numbers have soared, so I should be grateful for that. But discussion is and has always been the goal here. And that obviously is not his purpose in commenting here.

Over at Les's blog, he has said some equally ridiculous things, but you would also read him making almost cogent arguments. Hard to imagine, I know, but true. Which, of course leads me to believe further that he is not genuine. Here, of course, he simply disagrees with everything we say here, which would be fine except he does so without any real content.

Time to cut him loose.


volfan007 said...

are you talking about me? streak? ole buddy, ole pal?


ubub said...

Streak, you ignorant slut, I disagree. You couldn't be more wrong. Even though you are wrong, I love you but hate your wrongness because its just so wrong.

volfan007 said...

i thought streak was a man? ubub, you are calling him a slut? streak, are you a man or a woman?


Streak said...

Ah, a Jane Curtin reference. One of my favorites.