December 18, 2006

Tony on the Christmas war

I visited Walmart today, btw (don't ask) and hated the experience so very much. Standing line behind people who bought nothing but TV dinners (or whatever they are called) and endured conversation that made me hearken for a volfan comment.

My checker told everyone "Merry Christmas" as we bought our stuff. So much for the war on Christmas. A friend of mine, btw, said that if he had to listen to another Christmas carol, he was enlisting in the war on Christmas. :)

Tony has two posts on the subject. Here Jerry Falwell opens his fat maw (and he seems to be getting wider and bigger--or maybe that is just his mouth). And here, via wasp jerky the ridiculous "merry christmas" bracelet-as-in-your-face-activism (just as The Christ Child intended). Saw this, btw, on your blog Wasp Jerky, but didn't get around to blogging about it till I saw it on Tony's.

Want to restore respect to Christmas? Buy enough of these bracelets to gag Falwell. I will contribute.


volfan007 said...

merry Christmas, streak. thanks for thinking of me.


Anonymous said...

Can I get enough of those bracelets to shove in that guy's mouth that sings that ridiculous "Christmas Shoes" song???