February 24, 2008

Conservative support for the troops

In a conversation with a very conservative person, I questioned why liberals were un-American when they questioned the military leadership or administration of the war, but conservatives could maintain the pro-military stance even when they cut taxes and failed to provide the troops what they needed. He responded that the troops want to be taken care of, for sure, but what they want more is to win and for people not to question that.

I think I sighed when I read that. And when I read how the right responded to Obama's story about soldiers finding it easier to get more ammo from the Taliban than through their own channels, I was reminded of that. (A friend of mine confirmed that this happened routinely in country, btw.) The right simply denied the story, and then of course heaped criticism on the left. ABC's Jake Tapper said what a lot of us think:
"I might suggest those on the blogosphere upset about this story would be better suited directing their ire at those responsible for this problem, which is certainly not new. That is, if they actually care about the men and women bravely serving our country at home and abroad."
This morning, I read this unbelievably gripping report on the counter-insurgency efforts and what life is like for these men and women--and I feel like weeping. They confirm (indirectly) what Obama's Captain reported. These guys are fighting the Taliban under stop-loss and while taking anti-depressants. When you consider how different this could be if the resources tied up in Iraq could have been focussed here... When you consider how we have to have tax cuts while these guys have trouble getting the right size boots and enough ammo....

Those "support the troops" bumper stickers don't make up for this.

Sighing doesn't do it justice.

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