February 26, 2008

A good day

Not terribly productive with the grading, mind you, but a good day. Had a nice lunch with SOF at our favorite place. (Yes, CIL, THAT place).

Then I had a delightful coffee with my good friend JS. We have been meaning to have this coffee for sometime and finally pulled it off. I am afraid I talked his ear off, but thoroughly enjoyed the good coffee, company, and conversation. That is hard to beat.

Then in the midst of all the bad news around the country--right wing idiots who are waiting to attack Obama--and a President who sends out his National Security people to lie to the American people--comes this story about the New York Philharmonic playing in North Korea:
Maazel wasn't the only New Yorker moved by the event. The Philharmonic's principal bassist, John Deak, said when the musicians started leaving the stage, the North Koreans started waving at them.

"Half of the orchestra burst into tears, including myself and we started waving back at them and suddenly there was this kind of artistic bond that is just a miracle. I'm not going to make any statements about what's going to change or everything. Things happen slowly. But I do know that the most profound connection was made with the Korean people tonight."

I like to think that music is good for people. Let's hope this translates into even more good.

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Anonymous said...

A little tardy, but damn you. Damn you to hell.
-- CIL