February 28, 2008

Yeah, except Obama renounced (or rejected, whatever) his radical minister

As Glenn Greenwald points out, Some hateful, radical ministers -- white evangelicals -- are acceptable. I used to watch Hagee for some kind of sick entertainment. Watching him and Parsley feed off the "sick and the old," as Bono called it, and build a Corporate Church is a sickening sight. Watching them encourage bigotry towards gays and Muslims--denigrate feminists and liberals--all in the name of their version of God is horrifying. Watching some idiot like Hagee cheering for Armageddon and urging our President to bomb Iran is just stupefying.

Watching John McCain embrace both as "spiritual advisors" is enough to make you start drinking at 9 in the morning. If Obama had embraced Farakhan and took his endorsement gladly, he would be correctly pilloried in the press. McCain can sidle up to these charlatans and the MSM is silent.

Tony is equally horrified and is asking for some "Pepto for the soul." I hate to tell you this, Tony, (because, of course, you already know this) but you aren't going to find any of that in the GOP (a wholly owned subsidiary of the worst evangelical Christianity can produce) today.

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