February 22, 2008

Cool recipe web app

I am just trying it now, but it allows you to create a shopping list from the recipe you are using, and I think allows you to post your own.


Bitebark said...

Oooooo. I'm gonna have to check that out. I like the idea of it generating a shopping list.

My wife and I have been using a shared Google notebook to collect all the web recipes we find. It's a pretty malleable thing, is our Google notebook, and it supports tagging, notes, copying and pasting whole web pages, hotlinking, etc.

Either way, I think I'm really getting behind this web 2.0 avalanche of free doohickies. All kinds of crazy good things have come of it (where o where would I be without my gmail/google reader/gcal triumvirate?).

Mike Brittain said...

If you're interested in collecting all of your recipes in one place online, I would suggest One tsp., which allows you to copy and paste from recipes, books, and any other sources into your own recipe collection. There is a recipe webapp that allows you to also view your collection from your mobile phone (not just iPhones).

Organize your recipes with tags. They don't have to be public, either. Keep all of your stuff private if you want.

More features are on the way...

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