February 27, 2008

The scum line up to endorse McCain?

After last night's Russert attack on Obama about Farakhan, the blogosphere was alive with discussion--did Obama distance himself enough? Why not be more forceful? Why was Hilary so annoying about that? But at least Obama denounced and rejected Farakhan and has done so before.

Isn't Rod Parsley cut from the same cloth? And in this case, McCain not only doesn't distance himself, he embraces the nut:
"Yesterday at a rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, John McCain was flanked by Rod Parsley, who called the candidate 'strong, true, consistent conservative,' according to the Columbus Dispatch. McCain referred to Parsley, who preaches the same word of faith doctrine as the televangelists under investigation by McCain's fellow Republican Senator Charles Grassley, a 'spiritual guide.'"


Tony said...

A "true, consistent conservative"?


steves said...

I agree, Tony. In the words of Streak...