February 9, 2008

Jon Stewart to Mitt Romney: F You!

Thanks to Anglican for alerting me to this gem.


Bitebark said...

Needs more F yous.

If I had my druthers, it should've just been twenty minutes of that, right at Romney's disgusting little face.

Sorry, that speech of his really has me riled up. Though I have to say it's somewhat ironic that it took Romney of all people (as tonedeaf and disingenuous as he is) to flat out state what the Republicans have been insinuating for years. Ole Mitt's had to feel his way around in the dark, trying to make his moderate politics fit the barking mad right-wing base, so isn't it fitting that he should be the guy clumsily using the talking points like that.

For all that, though, F him.

Streak said...

agreed. f him.