February 29, 2008

Oh good God!

The incompetence of this administration simply blows my mind. Remember the deputy secretary of state who oversaw abstinence and anti-prostitution programs being caught calling a prostitute? Well, now, we have Bush's "chief liaison to religious groups" admitting to plagiarizing a column he wrote for his hometown paper, the Fort Wayne (Ind.) News-Sentinel and several other columns are showing up with other people's words. Seriously. It is almost as if these people go out of their way to be incompetent and unethical.

Speaking of that, Froomkin has the transcript of a very funny bit from the Daily Show that is almost too close to the truth to be funny.
"The Daily Show's 'senior White House correspondent' John Oliver, tells Stewart: 'President Bush has done good in Africa. I did just say good there, didn't I?'

Stewart: 'You did say good.'

Oliver: 'I kept saying 'bad' in rehearsal. It's force of habit, I suppose.'

Stewart: 'It's hard for you to accept that the president has done something admirable.'

Oliver: 'Well, it's just -- what's his angle? He's not running for reelection. There's no ulterior military objective. He's got no chance of becoming King of Africa. What the hell is going on?'

Stewart: 'Well, maybe he's just trying to do something good in a difficult part of the world.'

Oliver: 'No! No! No! That makes it worse. Over the past seven excruciating years, I've come to terms with the president being incompetent. The fact that we now know he's been capable of doing good all along, and has simply chosen not to -- that really burns.'"

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JollyRoger said...

Just another thieving Jesusistan scumbag.

He and his monkey "boss" have done for Christianity what Osama's done for Islam, tenfold.