February 18, 2008

This week's music releases

Couple of interesting new cds this week. I think ubub has more knowledge about the Mountain Goats, but there is a lot of buzz about their new album. Mike Doughty has a new one as well, as does Alison Moorer. I like her ok, but wonder if her husband (Steve Earle) has helped her select a little better material. Any others I should look for? Gary Louris has a solo album. I loved his work with the Jayhawks, so that might be worth a listen. And Paul Thorn? Wow. We saw him play a little stage in Austin and that guy put on a great show. Former professional boxer and great story teller.

Anyway. Off to the yoga. SOF is feeling better this morning though pretty tired. I am (knock on the wood) still feeling ok. Hope you are all doing well this Monday morning.

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