February 19, 2008

Holes in the border wall you say?

According to this story in the The Texas Observer, the proposed wall will not be built over sections of country club resort land and a huge ranch owned by a big Bush "Pioneer" fundraiser.

I know politics is corrupt, but isn't the point of the wall to create some kind of barrier? This article suggests that some people will have their homes and land ruined by the fence, while others in the same section will not.



Bootleg Blogger said...
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Bootleg Blogger said...

Sorry- bunch of typos in my original post. Anyway, ditto for our area. If you could just see/hear their plans for where they're planning to build. It's pretty sad and makes no sense. Of course, one of the ranches with the most heavy illegals traffic isn't in going to be fenced. Of course, this ranch just happens to be owned by folks who also own downtown Ft. Worth. Hmmmm. Coincidence?

What a legacy. Our generation gets to be the one building walls.

Streak said...

It seems rather unbelievable. Are the Bushies this corrupt that they build only in spots where their campaign friends live? Do the Minutemen know about this?