February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday WOOOOOOO--and John McCain scares Repubs silly

And I do mean silly. But about the game. We are going to watch with friends, and I am kind of looking forward to the game, but not in any kind of frenzied way. Here is hoping that the commercials are better than they have been. What was it the last couple of years? Flatulent horses and K-fed? Pass. I would take a well-played game. That would be cool.


But about McCain, a very (VERY) conservative relative sent me an email warning of the liberal leanings of John McCain. Evidently, if Republicans don't get their act together, they will end up with a RINO (Repub in Name Only). Evidently, McCain has dangerous "liberal tendencies." WTF?

Is it wrong for me to giggle? Especially when the email (the forwarded part) points to other conservatives who agree. Such luminaries as Sean Hannity, Michael Reagan and Lynn Westmoreland. Yep, him.

But then I really started chuckling.

No, not the forgettable Wayne Allard (is he still a Senator?). No, below him. Good old Neil. The same one who was at the helm of Silverado Savings and Loan. The same one who admitted to having sex with women in Thailand who
simply knocked on the door of his hotel room, entered and had sex with him. He said he did not know if they were prostitutes because they never asked for money and he did not pay them.

What good company and what moral and upright people to advise the base. Was Duke Cunningham unavailable?

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