January 12, 2006

I guess I am just tired

Very few things make me respect the conservative church more than things like Justice Sunday III. I am just tired of them. Tired of the constant lament that Christianity is under attack when it isn't.

Tired of people who say that God is not a Republican, but then stage rallies in churches for Republican causes.

Tired of people who can organize a public outing to support Alito but can't seem to speak out on torture, poverty, Tom Delay, or Pat Robertson.

Tired of people who used Clinton's sins as proof of his lack of character, but now see Bush's sins as "just politics."

Just tired, I guess. When the church has become the defender of the powerful and the wealthy, what hope do we have?

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rusty shakelford said...

I guess I have a hard time seeing your point. You blame the republicans for hijacking religion when its the democrats who have "reverends" running for office and speaking from the pulpit on politics. Democrats regularly take the pulpit to give campaign speeches. Even Mrs Kings funeral was turned into a political cheep shot by the left.