June 1, 2006

Bush worst president

Others agree.

And watching him address the Haditha massacre makes me wince. Hell, watching him talk makes me wince.

But have no fear, the Republicans are trying hard to address the major issues of the day.

You know, the major issues.
Crooks and Liars: "FRIST: Let me tell you, right now there's no prioritization there. Securing American values. I hope tomorrow and today as people see that American flag, and I'm going to Arlington cemetery tomorrow and I'm going to see that flag waving on every grave over there. When you look at that flag and you tell me that right now people in this country are saying it's okay to desecrate that flag and to burn it and to not pay respect to it, is that important to our values as a people when we've got 130,000 people fighting for our freedom and liberty today? That is important. It may not be important here in Washington where people say, well, it's political posturing and all, but it's important to the heart and soul of the American people.

Marriage -- marriage, you asked about. Right now. Why marriage today? Marriage is for our society that union between a man and a woman, is the cornerstone of our society. It is under attack today. Right now there are 13 states who passed constitutional amendments in the last year and a half to protect marriage. Why? Because in nine states today, activist judges, unelected activist judges are tearing down state laws in nine states today. That's why I will take it to the floor of the Senate, simply define marriage as the union between a man and a woman."

Though, I read that Frist contends that flag burning is "not pandering." Hard to argue with that. After all, we have a huge problem with flag burning in this country.

Oops. Wait.

Nope, instead, we will pass an amendment to show the world what our system really means. You know, pass a law limiting expression to prove what our freedom really means.

Just watching Olbermann, I think Howard Fineman nailed it. He wondered if our next amendment would require that straight people get married draped in the American flag. He further suggested that this flag amendment came from a different time. "Before," he said, "the entire world was ablaze."

Man, I really understand why people don't trust the democrats. I understand why people found Kerry annoying. I know why people don't like Hilary Clinton. But what possible good thing has come from Republican leadership? In the middle of a war--gas prices through the roof--global warming threatening our coasts--and these idiots are going after flag burning?

Are you kidding me?


Simon said...

It is worrying when a nation gets obsessed with flags. The Nazis quite liked them.

Monk-in-Training said...

I think the tactic is called a red herring. Throw in a distraction from the real problems and maybe, just maybe the voters will forgive you at election time.

Streak said...

Monk, I think you are right. Simon is right too, but I think this one is more of the distraction type.

Here is my fear. Fineman said last night on Olbermann that it was condescending to evangelicals to suggest that all they cared about were things like this. I hope he is right. I fear that, in fact, the same people who voted overwhelmingly for Bush in 2004 are exactly that superficial.

And it is sad.