June 7, 2006

Thinking of Keillor's post

The Washington Monthly: "Safavian conceded to Justice prosecutor Peter Zeidenberg that he most likely didn't believe he had the qualifications to be chief of staff at the Government Services Administration, the position he held when he had the dealings with Jack Abramoff he is accused of covering up.

'Did you think you were qualified for the job?' Zeidenberg asked.

'Probably not, actually,' Safavian said.

What a helpful admission. In fact, I can think of dozens of top administration officials who might have similar responses to the same question.

--snip--with list of other similar examples [Streak]--snip--

This list just never seems to end. Safavian's admission was helpful, but we'd probably get the same response out of most of the administration's political appointees. There might as well be a 'No Policy Experts Need Apply' sign hanging in the West Wing."

Good list here of people appointed by Bush to positions for which they had no experience. As Garrison said, we used to think that Republicans might be jerks and preferred the rich to the poor, but we assumed they had a basic level of competence.


Man, I am sighing a lot lately!

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Greek Shadow said...

Bush has only two criterian for appointments. 1. Cronies 2. Texans