June 4, 2006

Music Sundays

I have been listening to Josh Ritter a lot lately. His new Animal Years is great, but so is Hello Starling. Especially the live version of "Golden Age of Radio."

So here I am, halfway through my Emusic subscription for the month, having used part of it to download another Josh Ritter. I have 15 downloads and need some advice.

Here are a couple albums I am looking at:

They might be Giants, not sure which one. I am one of those people who completely missed out on the TMBG craze, so don't even know if I would like it or not.

Drive By Truckers, "A Blessing and a Curse." I downloaded "Dirty South" earlier and like some of it just fine. Not completely sold on DBT, but...

Dave Alvin?

How about more Ted Leo? I have "Shake the Sheets" (thanks to UBUB) but nothing else. Well, his cover of Kelly Clarkson, but that doesn't count.

Others in the running:

Tim Easton
Aimee Mann


1 comment:

u.b.u.b. said...

Streak, They Might Be Giants might be (see how I did that?) too full of semi-random, semi-free associations, and general silliness for you to really dig a whole TMBG album. With that said, I can recommend a few songs as jumping off points. Try Don't Let's Start or She's an Angel(from TMBG), Ana Ng (from Lincoln), Birdhouse in Your Soul (from Flood).