June 18, 2006


Aren't they interesting?

This weekend we have the NBA finals, the NHL finals, World Cup and the US Open.

Speaking of the US Open, those of you who haven't seen the film Tin Cup can just watch the Open highlights. No Renee Russo or "exotic dancers," or Cheech Marin, but plenty of Johnny Miller scolding bad shots. Just switch a fictional driving range pro from Salome, Texas with the second best player in golf, and switch trying to hit a 3 wood over water on 18 with a seasoned veteran who continues to hit driver even though HE HASN'T HIT A FAIRWAY IN THREE HOLES!

I really don't have much to say about the NBA or NHL, because I really don't care that much about either one. The World Cup still continues to both repulse and attract me. Some of the game is intoxicating and then you have those idiot refs doling out red cards like the Bush administration hands out contracts to Haliburton.

I am a bit annoyed with how Americans approch the game. No offense to CIL, but those who dismiss the game bug me, but not as much as those who have become World Cup nuts. Especially those who like to mock people like me when I obsess (just a little) over a football game (only the Big 12 championship) but then Tivo every World Cup game. You can't have it both ways. Either enjoying sports is ok, or it isn't. You can't assume some arbitrary elitism that suggests that soccer is somehow superior. CiL is right about this--in America, it is a bourgeoisie sport. Around the world, it isn't, but here, it is the lawyers and doctors who sniff about the superiority of soccer.

Just cheer for your team. But don't look down on me when I am loving the NFL playoffs or the bowl season.

Hmm. Football.


ANewAnglican@gmail.com said...

Sports: Opiate for the masses.

Streak said...

as opposed to all the other opiates, real and metaphorical.

ANewAnglican@gmail.com said...

Not opposed to, just part of the whole system of distraction.

Streak said...

you mean like religion?

ANewAnglican@gmail.com said...


Streak said...


u.b.u.b. said...

I wanna play, too!
Duck season!

JoeG said...

Wabbit Season!
(Hey, I was feeling left out!)