June 14, 2006

Wednesday, feh

I worry that today will be a long day. I dreamt about the damn flag amendment! I cannot believe intelligent Americans support this crap. Well, like I said, if they pass it, they get to keep the flag. I will head to the bathroom during the anthem or pledge. They are all yours.

The country on the other hand, is not. Nor is the democracy. Even when people like Karl Rove go free. And say stuff like this:
Rove "chided Democrats for floating the idea of troop reductions in Iraq.
He specifically targeted Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry and Pennsylvania Rep. John Murtha.
'Like too many Democrats it strikes me they are ready to give the green light to go to war, but when it gets tough, they fall back of that party's old platform of cutting and running. They may be with you for the first few bullets but they won't be there for the last tough battles,' he said."

Hmm. Well, as it turns out, Rove has never been in uniform and found away to stay out of the draft even though he didn't attend college full time. But see, that is the part where the Republican party has lost its soul. When you can wave the flag, AND chastize veterans as weak on defense, that may be the definition of soul-less.

Hell, the fact that republicans tolerate Rove at all tells me a tremendous amount. I have heard more than one say he is a bad person for Bush and a bad person for the country. Yet, they continue to support the Rove style of governing and campaigning. You know, where leaking a CIA agent for political purposes isn't treason. Shaun grabbed a key quote about the man Bush calls Turd Blossom: "'--since this scandal broke nearly three years ago, Rove's critics have labeled him a leaker, a liar, and a lawbreaker. As of today, two out of three are still accurate.'"

Fafblog is back, though this morning it reminds us of the country we have become. The one that tortures and creates gulags. I feel a little like Homer Simpson banging on his TV. "Stupid TV, be more funny!"
Fafblog! the whole worlds only source for Fafblog.: "'Oh but Giblets there are dozens of innocent prisoners in Guantanamo' you say because you are a namby-pamby appeasenik who suckles at the teat of terror. Well if these Guantanamo prisoners are so innocent then what are they doing in Guantanamo? Sneaking into our secret military prisons as part of an elaborate plot to make it look like we're holding them in our secret military prisons, that's what! And once they get there they can chain themselves to the floor, break their bones on helpless guards' fists, and waterboard themselves to their heart's content to further their sinister Salafi scheme to sully the reputation of secret American torture facilities everywhere!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Even as we speak the forces of Islamanazism are infiltrating our network of classified CIA prison camps, rendering themselves to third world dictatorships, and launching unprovoked assaults on innocent American bullets! There's only one thing to do with all these malicious prisoners, torture victims, and massacred civilians - and that's to imprison, torture and massacre them before they can mount another attack! Yes it will be difficult, but these people want to destroy our very way of life - our obliviously violent, guilt-free way of life. Let's roll!"


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JMG said...

Last spring I found myself at a meeting that began with the saying of the pledge, and as I began to say it I realized that I didn't really believe it anymore, especially that "liberty and justice for all" part. I made up my mind then that I wouldn't be saying it anymore.