June 22, 2006

Well said

I didn't write this but I could have.
"I went to Sunday school nearly every week of my childhood. But I must have been absent the day they told us that the followers of Jesus were obliged to secure even greater economic advantages for the affluent, to deprive those Jesus called 'the least of these' of a living wage, and to despoil the environment by sacrificing it on the altar of free enterprise. I missed the lesson telling me that I should turn a blind eye to the suffering of others, even those designated as my enemies."

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grandma1 said...

As many years as I taught Sunday school I don't remember that lesson either. I don't teach any more the sexal purity lessons for seniors did me in. I found that being an action member of a union and working with the union to help people. Lobbying the state legislature to improve the status of educational workers were a more Christian work than trying to work in a church.