June 12, 2006

Well, this is interesting

Thanks to Nathan at Moral Contradictions for alerting me to something I had completely missed. The Ten Commandments Judge and wingnut Roy Moore lost his Republican primary.

I have to admit. I had written Alabama off. After they rejected Governor Riley's tax reform package largely led by the Christian Coalition, and then bussed in groups of fundamentalists to worship Moore's Ten Commandment idols, I thought this was a done deal. I really thought that Moore's "Christian nation" view would appeal widely to the South.

It makes me feel better that someone like Moore loses in Alabama. Maybe suggests that America hasn't lost its mind completely.


Greek Shadow said...

A very good sign.

Alice Clay said...

Moore didn't just lose...He got obliterated. He only won 14 out of 67 counties.

I wrote about this last Tuesday because I just had to...AL is my home state, so I just had to see what would happen. I didn't really believe that he had a chance, but I didn't think he would lose so badly.

Streak said...