June 20, 2006

One more for tonight

And this is my point too:

Andrew Sullivan | The Daily Dish: Hey, Wait A Minute:

"Professor Bainbridge writes:Andrew Sullivan seems to think that the Bush Administration's position on torture is at least a - if not the - root cause of the death by torture apparently suffered by two US service personnel."

No I don't. In fact, I explicitly argued against such an idea here. My point is that we can no longer unequivocally condemn the torture of these two soldiers because we have endorsed and practised torture ourselves. What was once a difference in kind between us and our enemy is now a difference in degree. That fact profoundly weakens our moral standing in the world, the power of our cause, and impedes the long-run success in the war of ideas that the war on terror involves. That this change was made secretly by an executive violating the express laws he is constitutionally bound to enforce makes the betrayal all the more enraging."

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