June 10, 2006

Sweet. Holy. Crap.

This is really not the preferred way to begin a Saturday. This is the "Onward Christian Soldiers" on the roids, and endorsed by our President.
"It turned dark and frightening on Saturday afternoon. After Franklin 'Islam is a Wicked Religion' Graham came out to thunder against the evils of homosexuality and the Iraqi people (whom he considers to be exactly the same people as the ancient Babylonians who enslaved the tribes of Israel and deserving, one would assume, the exact same fate) we heard an explosion. Flames shot out on stage and a team of Navy Seals was shown on the big TV monitors in full camouflage creeping forward down the hallway from the locker room with their M16s. They were hunting us, the future Christian leaders of America. Two teenage girls next to me burst into tears and even I, a jaded middle-aged male, almost jumped out of my skin."

I really hate the militaristic imagery. Growing up, the image of Christ that was the most compelling was that of the shepherd. Perhaps it was because we raised sheep and had an appreciation for both the sheep and the people who took care of them. I don't know. But that image has been one that has endured through all the frustration.

So when I see people taking violent imagery and transposing it onto Christ, I feel more than a little ill.

BTW, what the hell happened to Franklin Graham? Or has he always been this nuts?

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