June 20, 2006

Oh, and more bad theology

I am now watching the NBA finals and heard Jason Terry, when asked what they had to do to run around a three game losing streak say "well, my faith is in God."

Sigh. And how many AmeriChristians hear that and turn to each other and say, "isn't it nice when these young boys express their faith in God?"

Dude. Everyone knows that if God is an NBA fan she wouldn't cheer for either of these teams. Personally, I think God is WAY too busy helping Mike Shanahan revamp the Bronco defense to be concerned about the Dallas Mavericks.

See how silly that sounds?

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Cold In Laramie said...

Jim Lampley once did a story on this (the intersection of evangelical Christianity and athletes) for "Real Sports with Bryant Gumble." He mentioned it when it was a guest host for the Jim Rome Show earlier this month. I cannot find the story, unfortunately, but I will try to get the Jim Rome episode where Lampley referenced his story.