June 8, 2006

Thursday morning roundup

Arlen Specter has hints of being a "grownup Republican" but has, up till now, usuall retreated when pushed. Now, he is evidently mad at Cheney for working a deal behind the Chairman's back to stop an investigation into the NSA deal. I am not surprised at this. Cheney is about being right. People who get in his way get trampled--Republican or Democrat. We will have to see if Specter actually follows through on his assertion (in his open letter to the Dickster) that he might actually use the subpoena power to force the Administration to cooperate.

It's interesting, btw. Bush seems, at times, concerned by the low poll numbers. I don't think anyone outside James Dobson's headquarters really thinks he is serious about the gay marriage amendment. But everyone agrees he is floundering, trying to rally his numbers. That seems motivated by the fear that if the Dems take over either house, the investigation flood would begin--hell, even impeachment is a possibility.

What is interesting to me is that Cheney seems equally vulnerable to such a threat. There is even a hint that Patrick Fitzgerald could include Cheney in his prosecution. Yet, Cheney seems to have only contempt for the polls and the people. He seems to truly despise anyone who disagrees with him.


Speaking of despicable people, Ann Coulter is finally getting criticism (even from some on Fox!) for her unbelievable statements about the 9-11 widows. Some appear shocked (Shocked!) that Ann would say something so hateful.

I say, where the hell have you been? Keith Olbermann pointed out how interesting it was that Coulter criticized the 9-11 widows for "politicizing 9-11" since Coulter's own career has largely boomed because of the very same tragedy.

I think it is interesting that she castigates people who lost spouses for somehow getting away with political statements. As I recall, her suggestion that we invade all Muslim countries, kill their leaders, and convert them all to Christianity was largely explained away as her responding to the grief of losing her good friend Barbara Olsen.

This same week, Rush Limbaugh said the left was going to pull a "gang rape" over the Haditha episode.


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