June 15, 2006


I watched Larry King tonight. Really SOF's fault, but since she was cooking, who am I to complain?

Anyway, Larry interviewed people on homosexuality in the church. One of the reasons I hate his show is that there are people are all over the map and it is hard to follow. Anyway, there was a conservative Catholic, Andrew Sullivan, Al Mohler [asshole], lesbian Episcopal priest, gay Episcopal priest, angry conservative Episcopal priest, and the gay Bishop.

The normal back and forth ensued. What bothered me was this exchange (from memory). Andrew Sullivan said that he had left the church for a while (catholic) and couldn't stay away. He loved the church, he loved the mass, and he couldn't lie about it. (In an earlier exchange he said that the Ten Commandments didn't have a line about "can't be gay," but did say that you shouldn't bear false witness, and he wouldn't lie about who he was). I don't always agree with Sully, but this was clearly heartfelt and he made a great point.

But, agree with him or not, the telling part was when Larry (who I normally think is useless) asked the conservative angry Episcopal if he could "have compassion" for Sullivan's story. He said only that conservatives felt excluded and that he hoped at some point the Anglican church would strip the Americans of the church body. He didn't even recognize the compassion question. That was sad.

Mohler was an idiot. That didn't surprise me at all.

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