June 20, 2006

Hey, I lied

wasp jerky has a great blog if you aren't reading him. So, this additional post is his fault (not the first time).

Anyway, he has a nice post on Tony Campolo and his stance on homosexuality. Something very compelling about the need for compassion, and the shocking lack of it in the modern church. When Christians can speak in hushed tones about how much they love Jesus but not care that gay couples are not allowed to see each other in an ICU situation. Or where Christians seem to prefer kids in foster care or orphanages rather than be adopted by gay parents.

Read Tony's story about a kid he knew in high school. A kid who was tormented by other people because he was gay.

Reminds me of another Tony, this one from Patty Griffin:
Does anyone remember Tony
A quiet boy, little over weight
He had breasts like a girl
When I wasn't too busy feeling lonely
I'd stare over his shoulder
At a map of the world
He always finished all his homework
Raised his hand in homerooom
He called the morning attendance
With the pledge alligence to the gloom

Hey Tony, what's so good about dying
He said I think I might do a little dying today
He looked in the mirror and saw
A little faggot starin back at him
Pulled out a gun and blew himself away


I know. Too dark tonight. Republicans making excuses for torture AND Ann Coulter does that to me.

I will work on getting back to music. Those posts tend to calm me down. Thanks alot Wasp Jerky! :)

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