December 13, 2007

Glorious power--updated

And light and most importantly, heat. My older dog was shivering a lot this afternoon and I was worried about him. But after lunch, I saw the brave power people working in the alley behind us and walked back to the house to see lights. Stranger still, while my cable television (and high speed internet) line is draped under the very same tree that took out my power Monday morning--cable still works.

Here is hoping that our good fortune is shared by the rest of those without power. Like our friend Anglican.

Updated: I hate having power when so many still lack. Anglican is staying with friends and staying warm, though I know how disruptive that is. Keep a good thought for them. And for those like Sarah and Dwight who, like us, have dogs to keep warm--here is a special thought. And for those who live across the street from us, I am so very sorry that this side got power first.


Tony said...

Woo hoo! Fantastic news. Hope this trend continues for all, especially Anglican, as well as all the others without power in OK. Continued blessings, and thanks for the updates. We've been concerned for you all.

ubub said...

Awesome! So glad to hear that you, SOF, and the menagerie have heat again. I know that's quite the "tent" you have there, but winter camping is only fun if its voluntary.

ubub said...

And Anglican? Have heat soon you will, my friend.

steves said...

Wonderful news!

Streak said...

Thanks all. I think we will appreciate heat everytime it comes on for a while.

Nina said...

Yay! I'm glad you're back in power. I know what you mean, feeling sorry to have power when others don't. We just have to accept our good and know that others will share in it soon.

I can't even tell you what a relief it was to have the power back on so quickly here, with 2-3 kids to keep warm and happy. We would have had to take refuge in a shelter, which, thank goodness, exist.

PVs for SOF's mom in hospital. I hope things improve soon.