December 20, 2007

A little help, please

Our friend Jon Swift has asked me to submit what I think is my best post of the year for his own rundown. I have compiled the ones I like under the label Best of 2007 nominee and then added a poll to the right side. I have my favorites narrowed down a little, but would like to see what my readers think. Or if you have any other suggestions.


Tony said...

I want a sticker.

ubub said...

My favorite is Home Improvement Monday, followed by Precious Moments. Dude, youp eaked during the summer.

Can I have a sticker, too?

ubub said...

OK, hold on just a moment, Mr. Diebold.
After I voted and it showed the results, there are a total of seven votes for five votes, but it clearly states that only five have voted.

At first, I was impressed that there were five of us reading your dog's rants, but then I realized that not even Katherine Harris was this artless.

ubub said...

Dammit, seven votes for five entries. Coffee is your friend.

Streak said...

No stickers. Voting is its own reward, dammit.

but then I realized that not even Katherine Harris was this artless.

Is that an insult or compliment? :)

I notice that I seem to be the only one who liked the Mel Gibson post.

And I know I peaked during the summer. I moved a bit darker as the year went on--for some good reasons.

Bootleg Blogger said...

Streak- What peak?

With friends like us......- BB

Tony said...

No sticker? Plus an expletive? My baptist ears are offended. I thought this was a fun blog.

Humph. The last time I voted I got a sticker and a pencil.



Anonymous said...

I was the tenth vote, and, as usual, I cast my ballot in favor of cursing.
-- CIL

Streak said...

heh. Now that makes me laugh. Unlike the other jerks and liars in this thread. :)

Tony said...


Gee whiz.

I only wanted a sticker. Is that so baa-aa-d?

ubub said...

Now there are 12 votes for five entries, but my favorite is safely in the lead.

I'd settle for a pencil. You can give Tony the sticker.

Streak said...

Sorry, Tony. The Jerks AND the Liars really just referred to Ubub. :)