December 20, 2007

I remember when we justified the invasion to help Iraqi women

Unfortunately, our own women over there are being raped by our own people:
"Jones said she was held against her will after she finished a doctor's exam that confirmed she was raped.
'The KBR security then took me to a trailer and then locked me in a room with two armed guards outside my door,' Jones said. 'I was in prison in the trailer for approximately a day. One of the guards finally had mercy and let me use a phone. I called my dad, who contacted Congressman Ted Poe, who took actions to get me out of the country. I believe he saved my life.'
Poe testified the State Department dispatched two U.S. Embassy agents in Baghdad within 48 hours after he contacted the department. The agents rescued Jones and returned her to Texas, he said."
These things do occur, I understand. But there is a atmosphere of lawlessness and lack of oversight in Iraq. Our own Justice Department refused to even testify at the hearings.

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Thomas said...

The stories of these women are just heartbreaking. This administration and its cronies demonstrate a belief in the rule of law that is clearly just as 'situational' as their so-called religious piety!

I feel that the wholesale outsourcing of so many functions of our military has left us weakened and primed for rampant corruption.