December 15, 2007

Saturday review--edited

It is cold and dreary outside with occasional snow flurries. But it is (thankfully) warm inside and we are listening to some music and drinking coffee.

Ah, but the news continues. Why is it that Oklahoma's representatives continually embarrass? Inhofe constantly makes us look stupid by denying global warming, and now we find that Tom Coburn is blocking a bill that would investigate civil rights-era killings. Yeah, Tom, we get it. You are a fiscal conservative. But some things are worth spending.
(I originally had Coburn "blogging" the bill, but was alerted to the reality that there is no way that Coburn is smart enough to "blog.")


Speaking of funds, we continue to learn that SuperBaptist "I am not running for your Pastor in Chief" Huckabee is... how do we put it... ethically challenged. As it must be, I guess. The Pastor is the one who used a secret group to raise money he said to supplement his meager Lt Governor salary. How handy that the group funded the Huck to travel around and speak against the Clinton health care plan. Oh, and he didn't declare that income in his financial disclosure and refused to reveal the identity of his donors.

Sure glad he believes that
faith doesn’t just influence me, it really defines me.”
Imagine what a crook he would be if he didn't have his faith to rein him in?

Natalie blogs about the idea of class in America
The Republicans were/are geniuses at this! One of the many successes they have had is regarding class. We can’t and won’t talk about class in our country because the Right has essentially outlawed any discussions about it. If anyone tries to bring up the issue, accusations of “class warfare” abound. Very ironic considering who it’s coming from.
Politically, Republicans have been very successful at controlling the dialogue on a lot of our political issues. This rejection of class warfare is just one. The absolute attack on any tax is another. And both harm us as a country. We can't talk about income disparity and we certainly can't talk about those things that hold us together.

This ice storm has been a good reminder of that. I was reminded as we sat in our cold house about how much we rely on others. We had to depend on utilities and city/state officials to manage this emergency well. And they did. But those things are worth paying for. Taxes are a good thing. Not all, of course, but many function as an investment in community. Hell, I thought conservatives liked communities.


Speaking of things that conservatives should fear, I haven't blogged about the Don Siegelman case at all, but there are legitimate concerns that Bush/Rove were able to so politicize the judicial system that they were able to convict and imprison a Democrat in Alabama.

I don't know if the story is true, but it does appear to me that conservatives should fear this. When Clinton allegedly acquired FBI files of their adversaries, there was a huge outcry--and not unreasonably so. But I am reminded that it has been conservatives who have done this in the past. LBJ would allegedly call people at home in the middle of the night to yell at them, but Nixon would call the IRS.


I blogged a while back about Bush allegedly referring to the Constitution as a "goddamned piece of paper." doubts this story and I tend to agree. But as I noted in my original post, the fact that this event may not have happened does not lessen the feeling for many of us that Bush holds the constitution in that light. He certainly has acted that way.


Finally, back to our favorite Christianist representative, Steve King. The other day, he backed a resolution in the House to defend Christianity (which is under assault, evidently) and now says that American history and Christianity are the same thing. Seriously, where do you Republicans find these people? We have our share of nutjobs in the Democratic party, but the Republican delegation appears to have more than its share of absolute whackjobs. In fact, it appears that they have a stranglehold on the party right now.

You sane and grownup Republicans should really do something about that.


Atlantaflash said...

The three largest newspapers plus the Internet site in Alabama are all owned by Advance Publications, INC. They literally print nothing but lies about all Democrats in the state. They will not allow their investigative reporters any access to these cases. If they would have investigated and printed the truth about Don Siegelman like the locally own papers done the Canary's would have been run out of the state by its citizens before now.

It has taken a few months, but most Alabamians now know the truth about their good friend Don Siegelman, about the conspiracy that removed the most popular Democrat in Alabama by Bush's appointees and how his elections were taken from him.

These three newspaper instruct their writers to start every article that they write about Siegelman with this statement, "our newspapers endorsed Riley and we believe Siegelman to be a crook" then they twist every sentence after that to sound negative.

Many of us are dropping our subscriptions and are switching to locally owned newspapers.

Rhoda Fleisig said...

I am greaved about the polical corruption that is happening in Alabama. It has gotten to be like the old bad lands before annexation into statehood. The state is controlled by crooks.

Political corruption in Alabama has gotten totally out of control. Out of the Millions of dollars of Mississippi Choctaw money that Jack Abramoff and Michael Scanlon laundered and sent to AL. to defeat Siegelman’s Education Lottery in 1999, to elect Bob Riley in 2002 and for Riley to oppress the AL. Poarch Indians, “not a single person has gotten investigated by the ABI or FBI under direction of the offices of the Alabama Attorney General or the U.S. Attorneys.”

Every article written on the 2002 Governors election verifies that the numbers published indicates that Electronic ballot stuffing was involved in Baldwin County to transfer votes from Siegelman to Riley. Siegelman was the winner that evening; however, Dan Gans (Riley’s voting machine software guru) said that Siegelman had too may votes in Bay Minette so during the night a voting adjustment was made that put Riley in the lead. I believe that Siegelman was blackmailed because he didn't put up a fight when votes were swapped and the election was taken from him. No one knew why he conceded to Riley until the Judicial Committee released Attorney Jill Simpson‘s testimony this week. The Democratic Party issued petitions in all 67 counties asking for recounts (not all counties used optical scanning machines), but in Baldwin County in particular, they actually asked for a manual recount (of the paper ballots); however, Alabama Attorney General William Pryor ordered that throughout the state that all votes be sealed. He told the county canvassing boards that under penalty of law they did not have the authority to break the seals on the ballots and machines under section 17-9-31 of the constitution to do a recount. This 2002 election fraud didn't get investigated by the ABI or FBI or the offices of the U.S. Attorneys or the Alabama Attorney General.