December 20, 2007

Speaking of women

If true, we don't treat visiting women in this country very well either.


Bootleg Blogger said...

Streak- where do you even start on something like this? The only major news source that showed up on a search on this was I'm glad the US wasn't the place I had to deal with immigration. I thought my experiences with this type of thing were a pain, but now I know to be thankful I was somewhere else!
Later- BB

mary said...

An expat friend of mine living in Denmark sent me this link a week ago , saying if I had any friends or family who wondered why the US was universally mistrusted, that I should tell them this woman's story. How long will it take us to undo all the damage?

ubub said...

One truly distressing point for me is that there have been so many outrageous incidents that the mistrust simply grows because formerly implausible urban legends about U.S. misdeeds suddenly seem plausible.

Maybe if we just massage their leaders more often they'll feel less tense and better about our own nation and its leaders.