December 4, 2007

Top Albums of 2007--4: Challengers

Sorry for the delay. In a funk or just tired, not sure which. This week's installment of 2007 best albums is the New Pornographers
Challengers. I have not listened to this album as much as I want, but every time through, I hear new stuff and enjoy it more. "Myriad Harbors" is a great track and I have grown quite attached to "All the Old Showstoppers." As I remarked to my friend D over coffee yesterday, I am not sure how they hear some of the rhythms and harmonies as they are writing. I am not versed enough in the older albums, but many I know call this the best of the New Pornographers. I don't know about that. I enjoyed Twin Cinemas a lot, but this is pretty damn good.


ubub said...

Each of their albums is great in its own way, but I think my favorite is still the first one, Mass Romantic. For me it's another case where the initial impact of a new band renders any follow-ups, however great, unable to reach the same height.

Rob said...

Looking over there at your queue, I'd like to humbly suggest Okkervil River as a worthy addition to your list-making. Check out The Stage Names (their latest album) for some good toonage.

Also, definitely check out The National. Their album Boxer is my best-of-the-year so far. So damn hummable!

Streak said...

Thanks, Rob. I am listening to the National right now and really do like it. I listened to some Okervil River earlier, but didn't care for it as much. But I haven't really given this new album a listen.

Ubub, I like that album too, but then again, I found the NP later.

Anonymous said...
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