December 12, 2007

Still cold--still dark--obscenity warning

But so are most around us. Except for those rude people across the street with the generator. We can hear it since things are so quiet. Just annoying. And tempers are getting short. I ran into a friend at Borders yesterday and his response fit with others.
Me: Hey, you have power?

him: no.

Me (explains that tree took out our individual line)

him: Yeah, exactly. Tree fucking ripped that motherfucking thing off the wall. What do you call it? The meter?

Heh. That added some levity to the day. And yesterday was grim. It was rainy and overcast all day, and that started to wear on my own emotions. I think a little sunshine would help everyone's spirits.

But that may have to wait. The recent forecast calls for snow on Friday night. I doubt we will have power by then.

But we are doing ok. SOF went to work today and I am running errands and heading into school to give two finals.

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Tony said...

Still ridiculously warm and balmy here. Temp got up to 76 with gorgeous cumulonimbus spiking at about 20,000, all probably remnants of the stuff making you all miserable right now. Alas, rain is predicted for tomorrow. Keep your chin up--all will be better soon.