December 13, 2007


Still no power and I must admit that the cold nights are starting to wear on me. I feel like a real wimp saying that, but it is taking its toll. I think the real problem is that the house is not a sanctuary, but a place I dread going to.

But I am cautiously optimistic as I saw utility trucks in the neighborhood for the first time since this all started.


Rob said...

We finally just got out of T-town altogether. Packed up our dogs in the car, locked the place down, left the faucets dripping just in case, and hightailed to Arkansas where we have family. The family has been generous to a fault, but I feel like we've somehow wandered into the land of Milk and Honey and working table lamps and long hot showers, and heating vents that blow nonstop.

We're renters, and we've been unable to contact our management company. We've left message after message, but who knows if anyone's getting them. We've got the problem that you did, Streak: our electric cable from the house to the backyard is down, so whenever PSO decides we can come back up, there's no guarantee we'll actually get the juice. Ditto for our cable/interweb connection.

And then of course there's the looming snowstorm this weekend, which could REALLY put the kibosh on reconnection efforts.

Ah, bitch bitch bitch. My solution: keep humming "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" by Monty Python. Keeps things in perspective, don't you know

Tony said...


The word you're looking for isn't wimp. It's "wussy." :)

Keeping you guys and SOF's mom in our prayers.

Kevin said...

I've been following a bit of your troubles on the news. Wow. It looks like more than an inconvenience. It looks like peoples' lives could be ruined over this.

You folks are in my prayers.