December 11, 2007

Ice storm update

to a Borders for some internet access this afternoon. Last night was cold and dark, and the animals found it pretty upsetting, I think. We stayed warm, but did not sleep particularly well. Tonight we could get another round--which is unnerving, and we really have no idea when we will get power back. Could be 3 days. Could be a week or so. Who knows. What is weird is that much of the town is up and running. Finals were canceled yesterday, but are back on today and tomorrow (presumably). Listening to the radio has been rather frustrating. We get a few notices of stuff we know (lots and lots of people have lost power) and there might be more tonight--but then it is back to the ads for Christmas shopping.

Here are a couple of photos from yesterday. First, our maple.

And this in the back yard.

Unfortunately, we lost a few more limbs today and the backyard looks pretty grim--especially the downed power line.

Anyway. More later as I know it.


Rob said...

I drove around for a couple of hours last night looking for a wifi signal and never found one. Every place that might have offered one didn't have power. Finally, we came downtown to my wife's office this morning, where the heat is on, the lights are up, and the internet pipe is satisfyingly fast.

We live in midtown near the fairgrounds and the devastation is near total. Piles and piles of branches are in the streets, and in some cases powerlines are tangled in them like spaghetti. We have a pin oak in our front yard, and it keeps dropping limbs on our roof. There's no damage so far, aside from dented gutters, but everytime one comes down there's a tinkle tinkle tinkle of ice and than a shabooom as it hits the roof and ricochets off into the yard.

Interesting fact: the fairgrounds are being used as a staging area for all the power trucks, from OK and states adjoining. So the generators are on over there, the klieg lights are blazing all the time, and the trucks are coming and going at all hours.

When the rest of the neighborhood is pitch black, seeing that white light come through the mist is creepy and a little like a scene from War of the Worlds or Independence Day or something similarly apocalyptic. It's the place where the hero joins all the other refugees; the hastily constructed government relocation camp run by efficient National Guard soldiers, which is suddenly beset by superior alien forces. The hero watches the atomization of the innocents by the alien Destructo-Beams, leaps and bounds over the other panic-stricken refugees, searching for his own (inevitably blonde) child, grabs the ten year old, and runs off into the shadows, narrowly dodging the horrific massacre of women and children at the fairgrounds.

The next scene is where he meets the crazy survivalist guy, who's determined to fight back against the aliens from his tornado shelter.

Anyhow, I've got a lot of time on my hands. You?

ubub said...

Our situation is not nearly as dramatic as Streak's photos or Rob's vivid description. We are in the midst of another 6" of snow and as the sun goes down - its about 33 degrees now - it's supposed to shift to freezing rain. I am on campus this afternoon where there is light, heat, coffee, internet access, and a big ole window where I can watch it all come down. Even the police lights look pretty festive from up here- too bad they're busy with cars that are stuck or crashed (maybe they are really alien Destructo-Beams, but I doubt it) I say these things not to brag but to thank you for the reminder and opportunity to count my blessings.

Hang in there, all. I appreciate the updates so that I know you're ok. There's always room at our place if you can get here.

Streak said...

Rob, you will have to drop me an email so we can compare notes. Nice to meet a fellow Oklahoman who shares some of my taste in music. Maybe when all this crap settles down, we can grab coffee sometime?

Yeah, internet access has been a struggle. We went to Ihop last night and could get a signal, but no ip. Finally paid for a real shitty signal at McDonalds. Today, we drove around and finally decided it was worth paying for at Borders.

Stay warm.

Tony said...

It was a mild 65 degrees today with a light breeze and beautiful wispy clouds stretching the expanse of the entire sky here in southside VA. Its supposed to get up to 75 tomorrow.

Keeping a good thought and praying for all you Oklahomans.

still stuck in 'nawlins said...
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Monk-in-Training said...

It is creepy, dark and apocalyptic. I am trying to connect it with Advent, the darkness before the coming of the Light, but not doing well. My trees are sticks and branches broken everywhere.

It really does look like War of the Worlds or something.

Nina said...

We were without power Monday for 12-13 hours. It's hard to figure out what to do with kids when there's no heat. We were lucky.

Hopefully our luck will hold out, and the cedar trees in the neighbor's backyard will shed their ice without breaking the wires they currently are curling over.

My husband, upon returning from work in Shawnee, said it's really odd to see whole sections of the (Okla City) city darkened.

I hope you have power soon. We were betting on the idea that they would be giving the longest estimate of time it would take them to get power to everyone, and then they would look brilliant when it didn't take that long.