September 15, 2006


Today was hot, but a good day. Ted Leo did not dissapoint--even ending with some kind of scrape on his face. Not sure how that happened. Guster was also great, as were Nickel Creek and Matt Nathanson. Nathanson was terrific with the audience and quite funny. Wolf Parade impressed me and was more enjoyable than I expected.


This is our 5th year, so there are certain things we now expect to see and experience.

Heat. Heat. Heat. Weird people. Funny People. The gray bearded transvestite who wears a pink thong and heels. He has been there every year.

You learn a few things after a few years. Bring sanitizing gel. Shade. Wicking clothing. Use porta-johns that are in the shade (cannot emphasize that enough!).

The brautwurst vender has excellent food, as does the sweet tea booth.

People watching is great fun. Saw a few t-shirts. The best one was very simple: "I miss Bill."

Me too.


Tomorrow? Centro-Matic (hopefully), Ben Kweller, The Shins, Calexico and then Iron & Wine (maybe).


smallglimpses said...

And Daniela Cotton on the BMI stage?!!! She was great.

zalm said...

Iron & Wine (maybe)

nononononono. not a maybe.

if you're going to sit there in the heat and make me jealous, you might as well do it up right.

Streak said...

True enough.

Dwight said...

I'm jealous.

But, as comfort at least to myself, I did at least get to see The Flaming Lips tonight...who are infinitely better than the venue they performed.